Speech Therapy Employment Opportunities

Qualified and experienced speech language pathology professionals can find remunerative jobs in various medical and healthcare facilities in the United States. Job vacancies exist also for fresh speech therapy graduates, who are hardworking and committed to their profession.Generally, speech language pathology specialists treat different types of communication problems in the areas of articulation; receptive and expressive language; problems in speech; voice; dis-fluency; oral motor and swallowing disorders. Speech language pathologists offer dedicated services (including examinations, tests, evaluations and treatment using a variety of therapeutic interventions) as required. They also have to supervise speech therapy assistants and aides while providing quality service. Healthcare facilities have permanent, temporary, long term, short term and traveling job opportunities for therapy professionals. Candidates can opt for either full time or part time healthcare jobs.Basic RequirementsThe speech language pathology professionals must have:• Specialized knowledge in communicative disorders
• Knowledge of speech pathology methods and techniques used in the diagnosis and treatment of communicative disorders or speech, voice, language and hearing
• Ability to make appropriate reports and recommendationsEducational Qualifications for Therapists, Therapy Assistants and AidesWith a master’s degree in SLP, and on successful completion of the national certification examination, you can become a certified or licensed pathologist. An associate degree or certification program in SLP is the minimum requirement for the job of speech language pathology assistant. To work as speech language pathology aides, you should have a high school diploma.Enjoy Exceptional BenefitsAll jobs in this field carry an impressive array of benefits including medical insurance, dental and life insurance, competitive salary plus bonus, 401 (k) retirement savings plan, section 125 cafeteria plan, long term and short term liability insurance, traveling allowance, paid housing, additional state licensure and lots more.Contact Reliable Recruitment Agents for the Best JobsVarious healthcare staffing agencies in the United States offer valuable service to both new and experienced job seekers. Once you register with a reliable recruiting agency, you can rest assured that you will receive intimations regarding speech therapy jobs with great pay benefits.